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Clinical Supervision Services

Welcome to our Counseling Clinical Supervision Services!

Jessica Sweeney, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Co-Owner, and Founder of Sunglow Counseling, is a Qualified Supervisor for Florida. She provides comprehensive clinical supervision to support the growth and development of aspiring counselors on their professional journey. She is dedicated to providing a nurturing and enriching environment where you can enhance your clinical skills and build confidence in your therapeutic practice.

What to Expect:

Individualized Guidance: Our clinical supervision suits your unique needs and goals. We offer one-on-one sessions where you can discuss your cases, explore therapeutic approaches, and receive personalized feedback and guidance.

Skill Development: Commitment to helping you develop and refine your counseling skills. Through reflective discussions, role-plays, and case consultations, we support you in deepening your understanding of therapeutic techniques and interventions.

Ethical and Legal Standards: We prioritize upholding ethical and legal standards in counseling. Our supervision sessions provide a platform for discussing ethical dilemmas, confidentiality, and professional boundaries, ensuring you navigate your practice with integrity.

Emotional Support: We understand that the counseling journey can be emotionally challenging. Our supervisors create a safe and supportive space where you can process your countertransference, self-care needs, and any personal reactions during your work with clients. Supervision is not a replacement or supplement for your therapy, and we support Therapists in therapy as they develop their careers professionally.

Professional Development: Besides clinical guidance, we are committed to your professional growth. In supervision, we explore and offer resources, recommend relevant training opportunities, and provide mentorship to help you thrive as a counselor.

Ongoing Feedback: Feedback is an integral part of the supervision process. During supervision, we work collaboratively to provide constructive feedback to help you identify areas of strength and areas for growth, empowering you to enhance your counseling practice continually.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is of utmost importance in our supervision sessions. We adhere to strict ethical guidelines to protect your client's privacy, and discussions within supervision remain confidential.

Jessica Sweeney strives to create a collaborative and supportive environment that promotes your professional development and empowers you to provide your clients with the highest quality of care. Our clinical supervision services are designed to meet your unique needs and expectations as you embark on your counseling career.

Please take the next step in your professional journey with our counseling clinical supervision services. Contact us today to learn more. We can schedule a consultation to explore supervision further and if Jessica is the best fit for what you are looking for! 


A Little More About ACA:

The American Counseling Association (ACA) defines clinical supervision as a collaborative process between a supervisor and a supervisee in a counseling or related professional discipline. It is an essential component of professional growth and development, ensuring the delivery of effective and ethical counseling services.​
Clinical supervision serves multiple purposes, including:
Skill Development: Clinical supervision facilitates acquiring and refining clinical skills and competencies. Supervisors provide guidance and feedback to enhance the supervisee's counseling techniques, interventions, and theoretical understanding.
Professional Identity and Ethical Practice: Supervision promotes the development of a professional identity and adherence to ethical standards. It addresses ethical dilemmas, boundary issues, and the application of ethical principles in client care.
Reflective Practice: Through supervision, supervisees engage in reflective practice, examining their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to client work. This self-reflection enhances self-awareness, improves therapeutic relationships, and supports ongoing professional growth.
Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning: Supervision aids in formulating effective case conceptualizations and treatment plans. Supervisors guide understanding client dynamics, preparing goals, and selecting appropriate interventions.
Cultural Competence: Clinical supervision fosters cultural competence by exploring the impact of culture, diversity, and social justice issues on counseling. Supervisees gain insights into their biases and develop strategies for providing inclusive and culturally responsive care.
Personal and Professional Support: Supervision offers a supportive space for supervisees to process personal and professional challenges related to their counseling work. It provides a platform to discuss countertransference, self-care strategies, and burnout prevention.
The ACA emphasizes the importance of a strong supervisory relationship built on trust, respect, and collaboration. Effective supervision involves regular meetings, open communication, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. Supervisors should possess clinical experience, expertise, and credentials to provide competent care.
It is essential for supervisees to seek out qualified supervisors who align with their professional goals and ethical values. Supervisees are encouraged to engage in regular self-assessment, seek feedback, and actively participate in their professional development through supervision.
Overall, clinical supervision plays a vital role in the growth and success of counseling professionals. It supports the delivery of ethical and effective counseling services, fosters ongoing learning and skill development, and promotes the well-being of both clients and practitioners.

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