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Maternal Mental Health

Birth Trauma

Specializing in birth trauma therapy involves developing expertise in helping individuals who have experienced distressing or traumatic events during the childbirth process. Birth trauma can result from a variety of factors, including medical complications, emergency interventions, perceived loss of control, physical pain, and psychological distress. We recognize the profound impact of traumatic birth experiences on the birthing person and the family system.  


Our team of Therapists' expertise, including maternal health specialist Jessica Sweeney, allows them to guide clients toward healing, recovery, and the potential for positive transformation in the aftermath of birth trauma. We are well-versed in trauma-informed approaches, utilizing evidenced-based treatment modalities such as CBT and EMDR to help address and resolve symptoms associated with the trauma(s) experienced. 


We operate from a Body-Centered Approach to help clients connect with and release physical sensations associated with the trauma. These approaches recognize the body's role in holding and processing traumatic experiences as well as how intimately intertwined birth trauma impacts emotional and physical healing.


Therapists who specialize in birth trauma gain a deep understanding of the complexities of childbirth experiences and the potential for trauma to arise during this pivotal life event. This includes knowledge of different types of traumatic birth experiences, such as emergency interventions, medical complications, loss of control, and more.


We recognize that each client's experience is unique. They tailor their therapeutic approaches to meet individual needs, considering factors such as the client's specific birth experience, medical history, cultural background, and emotional response.


For many who have experienced birth trauma, they experience a loss of safety, loss of their birth plan, or how they anticipated birth to be. Healing from birth trauma is a gradual process and is often non-linear. Each individual's experience of birth trauma is unique, and therapy must be tailored to their specific needs and preferences. We empower clients by helping them regain a sense of agency, control, and empowerment. This might involve exploring ways to heal from the trauma, make meaning from the experience, and find a sense of closure. If the birth trauma involves a partner, there is support for couples in navigating the impact of the trauma on their relationship and communication. Post-traumatic growth is very real, and we work towards helping clients move beyond their trauma by exploring opportunities for growth, resilience, and positive change.

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