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Bill Sweeney 
Certified Life Coach

Hi there! My name is Bill Sweeney, I am a certified life coach with Sunglow Counseling. I specialize in men's issues, stress management, parenting, addiction, and recovery. As a father of 2 and a recovering addict, I personally understand the challenges, stressors, and joys of balancing a career, a household as well as being a parent.
I have experience in the criminal justice system, working with inmates with complex trauma, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. I've had the opportunity to work with those mandated to care, as well as voluntarily presenting to get support in reaching their goals. 
Aside from being a parent, one of my proudest accomplishments is getting clean 17 years ago. Growing up as a child of an alcoholic, supporting my Mom and 3 younger siblings as my parents got divorced, in my young adult years I found my way to substance abuse. Not realizing it was my last day using, I found myself in the justice system as well, detoxing in jail wondering "How had my life come to this". At that time, I didn't know how to live but I came to accept that my life was unmanageable and that it was time to surrender to a power greater than me that could help me find my sanity again. One moment, one day at a time, I pieced together my recovery. 
My recovery has given me the gift to help me develop and manage several businesses, learn how to give my kids the childhood I always wanted, and show up for myself and my family when life showed up for us. As a parent of a kiddo with complex medical demands, I understand the complexities of parenting from a lens most people never need to use. Doctor’s appointments, treatments, procedures all while maintaining a professional life and a recovery program. This hectic schedule continues to offer a perspective of gratitude that I utilize in all my coaching sessions.
Men are emotional beings, too, and I believe that having a safe space to explore how you feel, learn how to cope with distress and stress, and develop a healthy support network are integral to feeling better and more functional. You are not alone, and I'm looking forward to helping you find solutions that work for you!

Bill Sweeney 

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