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Social Media Disclaimer💥💫

While we understand most understand posting on social media is not therapy, it's important we make sure the message is clear. 

The social media content Sunglow Counseling shares online and on our social media accounts are NOT therapy and are not a replacement for therapy.  Our posts are NOT a replacement for therapy either. This is exclusively to offer education, entertainment, and joy to our corner of the internet. Engaging with me, or our practice, on this platform is not creating a therapeutic relationship with me, nor is it a replacement for one. 

If you'd like to become a client and work with one of our licensed therapists and you are in the states of Delaware, Colorado, or Florida, please use our linktree or the contact form on our webpage to connect with us further!!

For those looking to work with a coach, our Certified Professional Life Coach is available to work with clients throughout the United States and abroad. You can find his information on our website.

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