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Maternal Mental Health

Infant Loss

Specializing in infant loss therapy involves developing a deep understanding of the unique challenges, emotions, and complexities that individuals and families face when dealing with the death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth, or shortly after birth. This specialization requires therapists to acquire specialized knowledge, skills, and approaches to effectively support clients through their grief journey. 


Therapists who specialize in infant loss gain a comprehensive understanding of the physical, emotional, psychological, and relational aspects of the experience. This includes knowledge about the medical aspects of pregnancy loss, the grieving process, and the various ways grief can manifest.


Jessica understands the intricacies of grief following infant loss, including the potential for complicated grief reactions, trauma responses, and the challenges of ambiguous loss (where there might not be a physical body to mourn). Feelings of guilt or blame, and complex family dynamics are common after infant loss. Jessica has attended specialized training in infant loss through The Touchstone Institute and is actively advancing her career in this area. 


 She incorporates trauma-informed approaches, including EMDR and CBT, and tailors these approaches to meet individual needs, considering factors such as the timing of the loss, the circumstances, cultural considerations, and the client's support network. She understands each client's experience is unique and helps clients explore and challenge these feelings in a gentle and supportive manner.


Specializing in this area is a commitment to providing empathetic, informed, and effective support to individuals and families navigating one of the most difficult experiences one may ever face. You are not alone in this. Grieving is a non-linear process and understanding what that means for your story is important. Jessica helps clients understand that healing doesn't mean forgetting but finding ways to integrate the loss into their lives.

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