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Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Couples and Family Therapy

In addition to Depression and Anxiety, Sunglow Counseling also specializes in providing therapy for those individuals impacted by symptoms of:


Trauma and PTSD



Grief and Loss


Women’s Issues and Maternal Health




Stress Management


Mood Disorders


Self Esteem and Worth


LGBTQAI and/or other sexual minority population

When you start working with your individual counselor, you’ll learn how to feel safe in your own skin and in relationships with others. We believe that success in therapy is based on the relationship an individual develops with themselves while working with a counselor.  Short-term and long-term therapies are available and participation in therapy is based on your individual needs and goals.


Working with children and young adults (ages 14-17) and their parents often comes down to understanding and acceptance. We hope to help focus on healthy connections and exploring the developing sense of identity as we uncover blocks in communication and emotional expression.

We offer telehealth services for those within the states of Florida, Delaware, and Colorado and in-person services for the Stuart area.

Young Adult Counseling

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